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Biemans Plantenkwekerij BV is a family business that is located in Gemert in Brabant. This company has been specialized in the cultivation of leek plants for more than 35 years. The brothers Walter and Richard grew up growing these plants. Their company has since grown into an international supplier of both greenhouse plants and outdoor plants.

The company also grows plants for the early segment in Portuguese.

This versatility allows the company to complete the complete cultivation plan for its customers. It goes without saying that the quality, uniformity and freshness of the plant material are paramount. Thanks to a high harvesting capacity and its own transport, the company can supply its customers quickly and flexibly.

The cultivation of the plants is under the control of Naktuinbouw.

The plants find their way to growers at home and abroad.



For the cultivation of greenhouse plants, the company has modern light glass stands equipped with hoisting heating, hot air heaters and CO2 dosing.

This combination of temperature, light and CO2 results in young sturdy plants, which are delivered well hardened off. The cultivation time for these plants is about 11 weeks. For these early crops, you can choose from superseedlings or loose plants. They are delivered in the period from early March to mid-May.

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We offer both Spanish tray plants and Portuguese plants for the very early segment.

The plants are grown in Portugal. These plants grow away easily in early spring and are very fast growing.

This allows you to start the season with a very reliable leek cultivation.



Plants delivered from the end of May are sown in the open field. Depending on the delivery week, a distinction is made between tunnel plants, non-woven fabric plants and open ground plants.

In outdoor cultivation it is important to achieve a steady, constant growth.

To achieve this, the company has more than enough humus-rich sandy soil. This creates sturdy plants and minimizes the risk of diseases.





Walter Biemans

Walter Biemans

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Richard Biemans

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Leon Meulemeesters

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